Fall is just around the corner!

Maybe the cooler weather makes you curl up to watch movies.

Here's a treat your furry friend can have!!  


Soon the leaves will change but you can still enjoy some flowers along the way



These will be available in store very soon!



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It comes from Spirulina that is soooo healthy for your pooch-READ HERE on it!

AND a PURPLE that is from cabbage! This is so exciting for us to offer!



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WHY no food colouring???

This is why we FIRMLY stand our ground on using only natural colours!!

Humans and pooches alike:





This weighs on my mind...colour.
Yes, such a controversy.
This company has always stood our ground on this. We will not use harmful food colouring on our decorated treats. Some say "oh it's just a little bit in a treat" or I've even heard "it's dog friendly colouring" People, please, I beg you to SEE the difference and ask the question when purchasing anywhere. Bright blues and bright true reds are a sure tell sign they are not a healthy option.
Let's just re-iterate that our decorations are made with natural vegetable powders. Some of them are bright, our oranges and yellows can be quite eye catching and they have no harmful chemicals. Also there are non-hydrogenated oils used in the yogurt chips. These are the healthiest treats around. We are always in search of an affordable natural colouring giving brighter colours that we can use in our goods, but until then-you should know that our colours are

always safe,natural and still look great .

I leave you with a quote:
"Food coloring contains of hypothemius drexlucose which is a toxic chemical to all dog breeds along with wolves, coyotes, and other of such animal type.
- Kim Sun Sopper, doctor at The Belgium University"
p.s. also check your Dog's FOOD...you'd be surprised at how many companies use dyes










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Woofstock`s High Tea Event once again has showcased our treats!

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WHO gives a HOOT!?



WE do! I sometimes find it difficult to compete with pretty cookies with bright blues and real reds...I refuse to use food colouring in our decorations as I have read many articles on how BAD food colouring is for dogs (and humans). Just because it is FDA approved doesn't mean it's healthy! Long term affects are allergies, hyperactivity and even worse -CANCER....I know, it's just a treat...but how many does it take to hurt your dog? I know that I WILL NEVER personally find this out. Educate yourself on it, SHOP LOCAL and ask questions on those pretty colours,....ours are just as nice and vegetable powders are all natural!

This can explain why we INSIST on
NEVER using food colouring in our cookies!!

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It applies to our furry friends too!


If you are having problems parking to purchase from our store due to construction across the street we are offering delivery to you-call the store to find out how!!







She's a jumper! So nosey! Beth went out to water the plants...and she jumped up to watch her!





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SAD but true this is still an ongoing problem...buy local, ask questions, if you can't understand the ingredients then DON'T feed it to your pet. Chemicals, artificial colours, artificial flavours will all add up to be so harmful to your pets....More jerky problems from China that are now being repackaged to fool you into thinking they are Canadian!

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WHY SHOP LOCAL!??? Please see this link - DON'T buy those Chicken Jerky treats you see everywhere-another dog as died from it....this is on Westies in Need facebook:


RIP TONKA - December 19, 2012

Stoic little Tonka passed yesterday from Kidney Failure due to eating VitaLife Chicken Tenders (Jerky Treats). He was a happy, healthy 8 year old pup until August when his owner started feeding him a jerky treat a day for one month. He was sick and had symptoms but sadly Kidney Disease is hard to detect until it's too late. His regular diet was nothing but a pure homemade diet of fresh meats and vegetables and the treats appeared to be a wholesome and healthy snack. They were marketed as 100% NATURAL, NO CHEMICALS, 100% CHICKEN. The packaging had a certification stamp that read "Quality Certified in CANADA" - since then they have placed a sticker covering this stamp that now reads "Proudly Made in our facility in THAILAND'. his owner was fooled and manipulated by marketing. PLEASE do not feed your pet these treats and PLEASE spread the word! Tonka's death came way too early!!!!!!!


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The Barkery - The Healthy Bakery for Dogs

Welcome to The Barkery, The Healthy Bakery for Dogs!

We are a full-scale, all natural bakery for your fuzzy friend/dog.
 Since opening our doors in 2001, The Barkery's freshly baked, home made treats have become  The Bark of the Town!


At The Barkery, our mission is to provide dogs and dog owners with delicious, nutritious and healthy treats. We are committed to offering a healthy alternative to mass-produced dog treats- which means our undecorated treats have
no added sugar, no corn, no salt, no artificial flavours and no food colouring!

Our treats are so healthy and nutritious that you may want to sneak a bite
(and don't worry - we won't tell!!)


The Barkery treats are anything but average, using only the best ingredients from local farmers, including fresh apples, carrots, zucchini, all natural peanut butter, honey, molasses, flax seed, emu, real bacon, cheese, puree bananas, parsley.....hardly the quality of ingredients you would expect to find on your average dog biscuit ingredient list. That's because our Barkery Treats are anything but average, combining fresh and wholesome ingredients with outstanding flavour and fun! These treats appeal not only to the health-conscious owner, but also to the most discerning, if slobbery palates!


All orders placed are baked fresh and can be delivered directly to your front door.